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Presenters: Dave Sylvestro
and Gail Gaiser


Most of us like to consider ourselves strong enough to resist conforming to the norm “just because everyone else is doing it.” While “Daring to be different” has a positive connotation, being a “follower” does not.

Yet, when it comes to our children’s cognitive, social and emotional development, we often take comfort in knowing that our kids are following a path that is more “typical” than not. We keep track of milestones achieved “within normal limits” and celebrate when out infants smile, sit, crawl and stand according to Dr. Spock’s guidelines. There is relief in predictability.

But when a learning disability, attention deficit or autism spectrum disorder is added to the mix, the ability to take comfort in our child’s “expected” development gets tossed out the window. Children with LD often are slow to talk, struggle to follow directions, and misunderstand simple conversations; a child with ADHD is likely to experience difficulty in sustaining attention to an activity, be fidgety and disorganized, and have a hard time taking turns; a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder may avoid eye contact, imitate words, gestures or facial expressions, or choose not to play or interact with others.

School psychologist Dave Sylvestro and speech and language pathologist Gail Gaiser, both from Eagle Hill School and both with over 30 years’ experience, will discuss the similarities and differences in the symptomology of children with LD, ADHD and ASD and those children whose development is more typical. By outlining developmental trajectories and behaviors that are considered “expected” and those that may be red flags for LD, ADHD or ASD, we hope this presentation will help parents decrease their anxiety about behaviors that may well be developmentally appropriate, as well as alert them to some patterns of symptoms that call for a closer clinical look.

Mr. Sylvestro facilitates individual and group-counseling sessions, parent support groups and Dads-Only groups, presents at LD conferences worldwide, provides training and staff development to professionals, and is a contributing writer for Parents Together. Ms. Gaiser, who has worked with pre-school to high school students with language impairments, was co-founder and co-director of Pathways School, a school for students on the autism spectrum and other neurological impairments, and has worked with students at Alcott School, the Windward School, and in her private practice.

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6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Presentation

SoNo Branch Norwalk Public Library
10 Washington Street, Norwalk
Community Room

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